Educational driving

At Ring Knutstorp we educate future drivers. Over seven thousand learners visit us each year to finish their drivers tests every year. To book a spot in one of our courses in english, please contact us via mail or phone.

Need a swedish translator?
If you do not speak Swedish, please contact us at 0418-840 40 and we’ll help you!


More information and bookings;

Contact us at

0418 840 40

or at


How do I book a lesson?

Call us, alternatively send email and we will arrange a lesson.

How should I be prepared?

You should be at the end of your education. You must be able to handle the car safely in a safe manner. You should have a good understanding and be able to express yourself in Swedish, or have an interpreter who can assist you in order to be able to undergo the education.

What do I need to bring?

Approved Swedish ID (otherwise we can not register as approved).

When should I be at the lesson, and how long does it take?

You must be in place 10 minutes before the scheduled time, and the lesson takes 3.5 hours.

Do you drive automated cars?

Yes, we only drive automated cars. It does not matter if you take a driver’s license for manual, or automated car.