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In the middle of Scania, by the foot of Söderåsen, lies Swedens most beautiful and enjoyable race circuit. Ring Knutstorp is the centre for racing and motor enthusiasm and anually welcomes thousands of visitors who come to learn, test their driving skills and spectate racing at its finest.

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Ring Knutstorp is hidden behind Söderåsen, under this tab you will find directions and maps!


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Our tracks

The main circuit

We are proud of our race circuit, with a stretch of 2 kilometres. The track offers challenging turns, a curve called the “hairpin” and extensive changes in altitude.

Off-road driving

Our off-road track stretches through woods and water and up Söderåsen. We welcome all drivers and especially businesses which for example wishes to spice their kick-off with some exiting fun! The track is perfect for vehicle-testing through rough terrain.

Driver's license

Our tracks are built for training, testing, and launch in a real environment. Here you can test your knowledge and the limits of your car. You drive with your own car with normal tires just like on public roads, without manipulating and limiting. Just like education should be.

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Magnus Öhrström
VD och anläggningsansvarig

Epost: magnus.ohrstrom@ringknutstorp.com
Telefon: 0418-840 42
Mobiltelefon: 0708-82 83 60

Tino Carrasco
Företagsevents och hospitality

Epost: tino.carrasco@ringknutstorp.com
Telefon: 0418-840 41
Mobiltelefon: 0705-21 68 85

Monica Nilsson
Ekonomi och administration

Epost: monica.nilsson@ringknutstorp.com Telefon: 0418-840 43

Helen Sonander
Bokning halkbana, uthyrning stugor

Epost: helen.sonander@ringknutstorp.com
Telefon: 0418-840 45

Ola Åkesson
Banreklam och företagssamarbeten

Epost: o.akesson@telia.com
Telefon: 0705-33 26 00

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